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Russian Conference Interpreter | Russian Interpreter Services

Our professional Russian Translators, Russian Interpreters / Russian Conference Interpreters have obtained the appropriate qualifications and they have solid relevant experience (they are experienced in business interpreting). They abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice and they are acquainted with the latest technologies in the field.



Tom: Russian Interpreter, Russian Conference Interpreter and Russian Translator providing Russian Interpreting and Russian Translation ServicesTOM | Why Choose Me?

You know that the words of the speakers at the conference or meeting will be interpreted into English / Russian accurately by a Russian Conference Interpreter who:
1. is fully qualified as a Russian Conference Interpreter;
2. has the necessary experience to deliver high quality interpretation into English / Russian of all speech segments during the conference / meeting;
3. will design his Russian Conference Interpreting performance carefully using tried and tested principles;
4. will carry out focused research on the subject matter and will construct an exhaustive terminology database connected with it before the start of the conference / meeting.

About me

I am a Russian Interpreter, Russian Conference Interpreter and Russian Translator based in Belfast, United Kingdom with over 15 years’ experience.
I have my own company called Russian Language in Belfast which I set up with a colleague, who is also a Russian Conference Interpreter / Russian Translator, in 2010.
I have a Masters in Conference Interpreting from Queens University, Belfast.
I began working as a Russian Interpreter / Russian Translator in 2001. Since then I have interpreted in over 1,000 different settings in Northern Ireland, ranging from million pound business deals to intricate eye operations and every variation in between!

  • experienced Russian Interpreter, Russian Conference Interpreter and Russian Translator
  • Masters in Russian Conference Interpreting
  • working as a Russian Interpreter / Russian Translator for business, healthcare, the courts, criminal justice and other services since 2001

I believe that what promote a good performance by a competent interpreter are research prior to the event and a balanced course of action leading to meaningful content.
This means:
1. professionalism : maintaining confidentiality at all times;
2. ensuring that the project falls within my zone of competence;
3. having respect for the facts of the speech segments;
4. ensuring that the Russian Interpreting Services / Russian Translation Services are delivered with clarity, completeness and confidence.

My Education as Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Sept 2013 : M.A. Conference Interpreting; Queen’s University, Belfast.
Modules : Commercial Interpreting
Principles and Practices of Interpreting
Public Service Interpreting : Legal and Community
Research Contexts
Sept 1989 : B.A. (Hons) Modern Languages : Russian, French.
Practical language work;
2 periods of literature in each language;
Linguistics; medieval literature; authors prescribed for detailed study.
Year 3 spent abroad in the Soviet Union and France.
Feb 2016 : ‘Linking up with Video in Interpreting Practice and Research’, Symposium at KU Leuven, Antwerp. Keynote speech by Franz Pöchhacker;
Jun 2014 : Level 4 Interpreting within the Criminal Justice System; OCN NI/FLEX Language Services, Belfast : Interpreting within the Criminal Justice System FN1/4/NI/004;
Nov 2013 : ‘Theory and Practice in Translation’ Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast; qualified Russian Translator
Oct 2013 : Level 3 Interpreting within the Criminal Justice System; OCN NI/NICEM, Belfast : Structures and procedures of Police Services EC8/3/LN/038, Interpreting and Translation Skills / Techniques in the Legal System FJ3/3/LN/020, Research and Report Writing Skills AF3/3/LN/101; qualified Russian Interpreter
Oct 2008 : Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting; STEP/ NOCN (National Open College Network), Dungannon.
June 2005 : Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting; Northern Ireland Health and Social Services Interpreting Service, Belfast (United Kingdom)
Jun 2003 : Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, Russian, HEALTH SPECIALISM; Letter of credit, South Tyneside College; DISTINCTION for Translation from Russian into English, hence I  am a very capable Russian Translator.
Oct 2015 : Discrimination and Equality Law – One Day Workshop, ICTU, Belfast;
Jan 2013 : ‘Race and Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland: towards a Blueprint for the Eradication of Racism from the Northern Ireland Criminal Justice System’, Belfast, NICEM;
Nov 2012 : NICEM AGM SEMINAR ‘Section 75 and Racial Equality Duty’, Belfast, NICEM;
May 2012 : NIHSCIS Conference: ‘Excellence in Performance’ Knockbracken Healthcare Park, Belfast, NIHSCIS;
Mar 2012 : Human Trafficking Conference, Dungannon, STEP & THE HUMAN RIGHTS CONSORTIUM;
Aug 2011 : Mental Health Interpreting Skills, Knockbreda Wellbeing Centre, Belfast, NIHSCIS
Jul 2011 : NICEM 13th Annual Human Rights Conference, Belfast, NICEM.

Services I offer as Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Russian Conference Interpreter
Russian Business Interpreter
Russian Healthcare Interpreter
Russian Police Interpreter
Russian Court Interpreter
Russian Translator Services
Russian Translation Services: Editing
Russian Translation Services: Proofreading
Russian language teaching;

Russian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Commercial : business meetings for McCloskey International, Powerscreen; SPAR INTERNATIONAL Logistics and IT conference, Sept 2009, Belfast.
Healthcare: Russian Interpreter with the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service, having interpreted for them at about 900 health and social care sessions in Northern Ireland to date; visit by Dr Elena Galaiko and Dr Valerii Kuptsov to Southern Health and Social Care Trust arranged through Newry City Council, Oct 2012; W.H.O. International Healthy Cities Conference, Oct 2003, Belfast;
Legal and criminal justice : interpreting in court and police stations for NICEM and FLEX
Russian Translation Services in the Business / Commerce (general), and Finance (general) sectors
Russian Translation Services in the Medical sector: Healthcare, pharmaceutical
Russian Translation Services in the Law field: general, contract(s)
Russian Translation Services in the Aerospace, aviation & space arena
Russian Translation Services in the Automotive, cars & trucks industry
Russian Translation Services of Certificates, diplomas, licenses, CVs

A Sample List of Translations over 10,000 words:

▪ Russian Dialysis Societу: Russian Translation Services of Clinical recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, in Nephrologу and Dialуsis (7.3.16);
▪ Russian Translation Services: Toxicological safety and health report for Granuflow, WDG (800 g/kg thiram) (19.6.15);
▪ Russian Translation Services: Renault BODY-UP Body Shop Network Development and Audit Training Programme (12.11.14); *Fr>En
▪R 741.140/00-00-00-0007-0Т01/0А Russian Translation Services of Technical instructions: hole-making in multilayer panel packs containing polymer composites, aluminum, titanium alloys and steels (27.10.14);
▪ Russian Translation Services: State Duma parliamentary transcript (9.9.11);
▪ Russian Translation Services: Kaspersky malware description part 3 (17.3.11);
▪ Russian Translator for the Kaspersky Security Suite 2.0 – software requirement specification (9.8.10);
▪ Case № А40-21839/04-76-276 – As Russian Translator: the Applicant’s explanations concerning submissions from the Respondent of the Moscow Arbitration Court (4.12.8).


Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

The World Health Organisation
The Russian Academy of Sciences
The Moscow Arbitration Court
Spar International
McCloskey International
The Russian Dialysis Society
University of Toulouse
Roche Pharma
Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Cegid Group
Aperam S.A.
Entrepose Drilling
Kedrion Spa
Ipsen pharma

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

Full member of :
IBPG (Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group);

Reviews about my Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter services

“Tom has been registered as a Russian Interpreter with the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service since 2005… feedback received from Health and Social Care Practitioners confirms that Tom is a professional, flexible, respectful and helpful Interpreter who provides an excellent service.”
Claire Hamilton, Manager at the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service
“Tom Powell worked in a booth for the three full days of the conference providing English-Russian interpreting in a most competent manner which was highlighted by positive comments from the participants.”
Jutta Klassen, International HR & Training Manager at SPAR International
“Tom has been registered with our agency for 7 years. He is a very pleasant, punctual and reliable interpreter.”
Clare Mc Laughlin, Bookings Manager, FLEX LANGUAGE SERVICES

Albina - Professional Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter that offers Russian Interpreting services and Russian Translation Services

ALBINA | Why Choose Me?

If you need an experienced, reliable, and professional Russian Interpreter and Russian Translator/proofreader, I can help you.

If you need a human, professional, accurate, and timely Russian Translation Services and Russian interpreting services with the original formatting from Russian to English, Turkish to English, English to Russian, and Turkish to Russian, then please feel free to contact me. I am very passionate about translations and consider my job as an art.

About me

I am a person with an unusual biography and for this reason I would like to use this opportunity to shed a light into my language knowledge of the three completely different languages of mine.  As a native Turkish, I was born in Soviet Union and grew up in Russia. I learned both Turkish and Russian since birth and I refer to these languages as my native tongues. I went to a Russian school and finished a college in Russia. I became a teacher at a Russian college and worked there for 2 years. Despite the fact that I was not educated in Turkish, I speak and understand Turkish perfectly, including the modern Turkish. I learned how to write and read in Turkish by myself. About 11 years ago, I moved to the USA, learned the language, and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I have been working and communicating in English for 10 years and this is why I say that my English is near to native.
Languages were always my passion. Currently, I am in the process of learning Spanish. I have been involved in translating, interpreting, and proofreading activities for a long time because I think, my knowledge can help a lot of people and I can benefit from such knowledge resulted mainly from my destiny.  I have been especially passionate about translations and for this reason, I provide quality translations.
I would like to conclude with a saying that says a lot about people who know another language: “Knowing one language – is being one person, knowing two languages – is being two people.”

I value quality and professionalism. I make sure that my work is professional and my clients are happy. I never miss a deadline and make sure I provide quality Russian interpreting, translation and proofreading services. For these reasons, my clients continue to work with me for years.

My Education as Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

I hold a Bachelor’s degree fully obtained in the USA. I also hold an Associate’s Degree obtained in Russia. My written and verbal language skills are very strong.
I recently passed a difficult examination in the USA to become an accredited medical Russian interpreter and medical record translator.
I also started interpreting at courts and have translated numerous legal documents.

Services I offer as Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Russian Translation Services
Russian Translation Services: Proofreading
Russian Interpreting Services
Russian Translation Services
Russian Translator: Proofreading Services
Russian Interpreting Services

Russian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

I also work as a medical and court Russian interpreter in the USA. I am an accredited medical interpreter.
Over the course of my translation work, I provided Russian Translation Services in the following fields:  Legal and Immigration Documents, Contracts, Certificates, Diplomas, Instructions, Website, Brochures, General Medical and Technical Documents, Medical Analyses Reports, Divorce Decrees, and etc.
I have an experience of providing Russian Translation Services in Trados, MemoQ, MemoSource, and MS Word.
Russian Translator: Editing Services
Russian Translator: Revision Services

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Experienced Russian Translator of Legal and Immigration Documents, Contracts, Certificates, Diplomas, Instructions, Website, Brochures, Technical and Word to Word Translations.
Native Tongues Russian and Turkish, proficient and fluent in English.
Proficient Russian Translator in using MemoQ, MemoSource, Trados, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader, Point of Sale, QuickBooks, Trade Manager, OMNI, and PTM.
Highly organized and dedicated Russian Translator with a positive attitude.
Able to handle multiple assignments.
Fast learner and always open to new projects.

Reviews about my Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter services

Reviews on my Russian Interpreting Services and Russian Translation Services are available on request

Leda- experiences Russian Conference Interpreter, Russian Interpreter and Russian Translator. Leda offers Russian Translation Services and Russian Interpreting ServicesLEDA | Why Choose Me?

Seasoned, results-driven multifaceted Russian Language Specialist with 10+ year’s global experience in both the public and private sectors, including long-standing localization consultation for world market leaders. Uncompromising commitment to performance excellence with an ardent bias for action.

Thrive in fast-paced environments, readily adapting to evolving technical and business challenges.

About me

Excellent literary style, technical knowledge and scrupulous adherence to the original text developed through Russian translation of material of various genres and formats. The translation/editing/proofing expertise includes but not limited to: Business/Legal, Financial, Biomedical, Engineering, Computer/IT, Medicine, Mining & Petroleum, Sport & Fitness, Taxation, Telecommunications, Transportation. Profound knowledge and experience with Website Localization and Content Writing on assigned subjects.

Gained profound experience and refined linguistics skills by proven ability to work in teams of highly qualified professionals for big projects delivering successful collaboration with world market leaders, such as TNK-British Petroleum, PG&E, American Heart Association, Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Embraer, Boeing, MGM Grand and others.

Skills: Mac & MS Applications, Adobe Premier (including Photoshop), Gimp, Swift Subtitling Soft, HTML, Quark, Final Draft, Movie Magic, Quick Base, Salesforce, JIRA, Trados. Strong knowledge and experience with MT systems including SDL, Systran, PROMPT, WinBabel, WordPress and MemoQ Plugins.

I have many years of professional experience and know my business well in order to provide excellent service.

My Education as Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

I hold Bachelor and Master degrees from two very acclaimed universities in the world, hence I am a highly qualified Russian Translator and Russian Interpreter
I take webinars whenever I can, as well as study additional terminology for the projects at hand
Available on request

Services I offer as Russian Translator, Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Russian Interpreting services, Chuchotage.
Russian Translation Services, Russian Translation Services: Editing, Russian Translation Services: Proofing, Russian translation Services: Voice Over, Russian Translation Services: Dubbing, Subtitling, Accent Coaching services.

Russian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Includes but not limited to: Business/Legal, Financial, Biomedical, Engineering, Computer/IT, Medicine, Mining & Petroleum, Sport & Fitness, Taxation, Telecommunications, Transportation, Arts.
Includes but not limited to: Russian Translator in the Business sector, Russian translator in the Legal field, Russian Translator in the Financial sector, Russian Translator in the Biomedical sector, Russian Translator in the Engineering sector, Russian Translation Services in the Computer/IT fields, Russian Translation Services in the Medical sector, Russian translation Services in the Mining & Petroleum industry, Russian translator in the Sport & Fitness industry, Russian Translator in the Taxation field, Russian Translation Services In Telecommunications, Russian Translation Services in the Transportation arena, Russian Translation Services in the Arts industry.


Read More about my experience as a Russian Translator and Russian Interpreter

An enthusiastic and committed professional with a successful and consistent record of achieving high returns for clients and a track record of improving company’s procedures.
Comprehensive understanding of high end oriented business reflects in ability to cope with pressure and meet the deadlines whilst paying close attention to details. Able to demonstrate initiative, flexibility and adaptability when demanded.
Keen to find a challenging position within an ambitious company and be responsible for maintaining the highest standard of administrative and business support processes.

_____________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE___________________________________________
Project Administrator, August 2016 – September 2016 London
Anna Casa Interiors
Responsible for projects coordination and accounts in a busy interior design studio, combined with day to day administrative duties and creative tasks; supporting work for senior designers.
• Preparing presentations/boards for clients including research and compilation (RUS/ENG)
• Providing clients with item proposals (quotations) and complete project budgets (RUS/ENG)
• Direct communication with Clients (RUS/ENG)
• Translation of PR materials (RUS/ENG)
• Providing translation and interpretation for the Directors (RUS/ENG)
• Purchasing and procurement process management
• Working with UK and international suppliers to ensure that key processes are running efficiently including resolving disputes and claims with vendors
• Coordinating and arranging deliveries of orders and on site quality check (RUS/ENG)
• Collaboration with accounts department regarding invoices, payments and balances, including raising invoices
• Maintaining records and preparing regular reports in a timely and accurate manner
• FF&E assistance
• Professional Achievements:
o Introduction of Financial Tracking system for the business
o Consistent distribution of weekly sales reports to the business owner

Sales/Purchase Administrator, August 2011 – August 2016 London
Anna Casa Interiors
• Research for presentations (RUS/ENG)
• Providing with quotations, item proposals and complete project budgets (RUS/ENG)
• Purchasing management
• Working with UK and international suppliers to ensure that key processes are running efficiently including resolving disputes and claims with vendors
• Coordinating deliveries of orders; On site quality check of items and projects (RUS/ENG)
• Collaboration with accounts department regarding invoices and payments, including raising invoices
• Maintaining and preparing weekly and monthly reports
• FF&E assistance

Event coordinator, February 2010 – February 2009 Moscow
Legends Football Cup
Assistance to the Portugal team in Russia and interpretation of the players for mass-media.
• Arrangement of accommodation and logistics during participants’ stay in Moscow
• Translation of the official documentation related to the event.

Interpreter Freelance English – Russian – Moscow
International Education Fair, February 2007 Moscow
Intercharm Beauty Exhibition, October 2006, October 2007 Moscow

Tutor (English, Spanish), Freelance, September 2007 – September 2010 Moscow
• Construction of education programmes for different levels of knowledge
• Leading exercises and learning activities for groups and individuals

_______________________________________ ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS _____________________________________
London Metropolitan University 2010-2011
MA International Human Recourse Management
Moscow State University 2005-2010
Specialist Diploma (Hons): Linguist. English and Spanish Translation
Don Quijote Spanish Language School 2009
Advanced Diploma
Secondary School № 697 1995-2005
Honours Diploma: Secondary education


My Experience as Russian Interpreter / Russian Translator

Translations in several business fields is my specialization. I perform translations of:
– architecture and design (including MEP and structural design) drawings,
– legal documents,
– corporative constituent and financial documents,
– economic books and documents,
– personal documents (such as passports, certificate of birth/marriage, diplomas etc.),
– popular texts and articles, advertisements, mass media,
– petrochecmical and gaz industry magazines.

In general terms, within my 13 years of experience I have translated a bulk of legal documents, technical texts and data sheets, building drawings, documents of individuals with notarization and etc.

In spite of my latest office at MaviKazan, I consider that the subject of my translations which I can do the best is jurisprudence, including power of attorneys, general agreements and contracts, articles of associations, license agreement, rental agreement, Cyprus and other offshore documents, notes and business letters, memoranda, financial statements, bank account information, balance sheets, financial and annual reports, business books, company presentations and any legal instrument connected with business activities.

I use the following soft:
– office (text editors)
– AutoCAD (dwg) and other CAD tools,
– Corel Draw (for graphic text editing)
– PDF reader and editor

Russian, Armenian — native
English – professional

My native language is Armenian, and Russian is equal to the native, for I have been living in Russia since my childhood. I finished school in Russia, graduated from university in Russia, and do my business here as well. Despite I left Armenia early, I never stopped practicing Armenian language, and I master it with consideration of the best grammar and skills. Though the fields of activities where I use those languages (Russian and Armenian) are different, I can easily translate from one into another interchangeably.

My services:
– translation
– editing and proofreading
– translation (freelance) project management
– interpretation (including consecutive and whisper interpretation, guiding)
– website localization

Economy and management — specialist’s degree
graduated from Institute of Economics, Management and Social Technologies at Kazan State Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev in 2009

Translator in the professional field — second higher education
under-graduate in International Centre at Kazan State Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev

2nd category Translator (from January 2013)
OOO “MAVIKAZAN” (www.maviproject.com/mavikazan/ )

MaviKazan Ltd. is an architecture and design company. It performs Pre-Design works, Design and Construction drawings, Consulting, Technical Supervision and On-site inspection. Its active team consists of 60 experts. Geography of Mavi’s works spreads from Siberia to Europe.

Translation fields: Architecture, Civil work (structural) design, MEP design, Construction, Legal, Financial, Accountant (less), Technical, IT, Business areas, Medical (less), Oil and Gas (less)

I have translated and proofread the following materials:
• Drawings (AutoCAD)
• Explanatory notes
• Contracts
• Correspondence (in/out mail distribution and translation)
• Reports
• Personal assignments

Translation areas I have translated include not only architecture and civil engineering (structural designs), but electrical engineering (i.e. outdoor lighting system, indoor lighting system, earthing and lightning protection systems, security and fire alarm systems, IT cabling and equipment design, power supply system, building management and automation systems etc.), utility equipment engineering (HVAC, HWS, sewerage, compressed air supply etc.). All the mentioned design disciplines were the subject of my translation including drawings and explanatoory notes.
Apart from translation works, having worked at MaviKazan I processed incoming and outgoing mailboxes by receiving and distributing the company’s mail. I used to perform the manager’s tasks, not related to my duties. The company’s hard copy archive was under my supervision as well, and I made inventory and controlled document movement in it. Generally I was ready to do whatever the director told me, yet the significant part of my work was translating and mailbox processing. Work at MaviKazan have effected on my language skills and quality of my translation works.

Freelance Translator (February 2009 — December 2012)


I have translated:
• Technical documentation (data sheets).
• Articles of Association, Contracts, POA’s
• Personal documents with notarization and legalization for foreign countries

At this job I had key customers, who usually ordered translation of offshore corporate documents with notarization. This job taught me to discipline myself and to comply with the job schedule determined by the customers. It also gave me indispensable experience of translations in the field of jurisprudence.

Translator / Director (September 2006 —January 2009)
„IMPERIO” Translation Agency
• Translation of technical documentation
• Translation of contracts, letters, articles, POA’s, constituent docs, magazines, SW applications (localization),
• Translation of books (negotiations)
• Translations of CVs, personal documents
• Proofreading and editing
• Quality control and time schedule management
• Interpretations
• Notarization and legalization of documents
• Consulting and client support
• Recruiting and HR
• PR and negotiations with clients
• Small business general management (incl. paperwork)
• Participated in preparing contracts with customers.

In this period I have translated documents for corporate and physical entities. I used to manage translation projects, controled the quality, guaranteed compliance of the projects with time limits and customer’s requirements, involved freelancers, managed resources of the company in order to provide cost efficiency, performed recruiting, operate with the company’s financial and bank-related documents, made and concluded contracts with customers, generally, managed the small translation agency.

Having worked at this position I studied basics of small business management, accelerated translation process at the company by the way of rationable distribution of resources, having continually improved the quality of translations. Some projects required involvement of 15 employees at once, thus I had to coordinate the work process and compile the translated material into one document and perform editing and proofreading, then submission to the customer.

Translator, Interpreter, Junior manager (June 2004 – September 2006)
“JULICON” Translation Centre
• Translation of technical documentation
• Translation of contracts, letters, articles, POA’s, constituent docs, magazines
• Translations of CVs, personal documents
• Proofreading and editing
• Quality control and time schedule management
• Interpretations (as a trainee)
• Notarization and legalization of documents
• Consulting and client support

This is a start of my career.

Here I have studied MS Word program, used electronic dictionary, practiced written and oral translations. Later the managers entrusted me performance of test pages for the customers, also I assisted other translators, edited texts, supported with attraction of new clients, solved recruiting and marketing issues of the company. In short terms I mastered typing with a proper speed, as well as basics of written translations, worked on improvement of translation quality and acceleration of work performance. At this company I studied basics of Turkish language (certificate is available).


My experience as Russian Interpreter / Russian Translator

Native languages– Russian, Ukrainian. Live in Kiev, Ukraine.

Self-realization in interpretations and translations

Translator and interpreter, freelancer 2006 -2016
Variable translations and interpretations from/to English and French. My fields of competence are diverse: advertising, presentations and articles, IT (sites translations), personal documents (certificates, diplomas, passports etc.), legal documents (statutes, contracts etc.), translation of technical guidelines and manuals, medical documents (medical reports, references, as well as diverse instructions and manuals for healthcare products), translation of subtitles, comics, games, etc.
Lang. Projects
– Translation of residential lease agreement for lawyers from city Uzhno-Sakhalinsk.
– Statute of filial branch of Dutch LLC in city Uzhno-Sakhalinsk.
– Juridical agreements for program of watch for sea mammals CJSC RN-SHELF-DALNY VOSTOK.
– Fire safety rules CJSC RN-SHELF-DALNY VOSTOK.
– Guidances of occupational safety on LLC Master lunch.
– Company charters, agreements on public procurement, regulations, decisions of many Ukrainian and Russian LLC.
– Notary certificates.

UKR-EN – Draft laws of Ukraine, decrees etc.

UKR-FR – Service Provision Agreement (СONTRAT DE PRESTATION DU SERVICE) for sole proprietor in city Ternopol, Ukraine.
– Extract from Unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine for sole proprietor (EXTRAIT de Registre général d’état des personnes morales et des personnes physiques-entrepreneurs ENTREPRISE PRIVÉE).
FR-RU -Granting right to sign documents (délégation de signature).

RU-FR – Certificate of marriage (СERTIFICAT DE MARIAGE), certificate of birth (CERTIFICAT DE NAISSANCE), Certificate of birthdeath (CERTIFICAT DE NAISSANCE, СERTIFICAT DE DÉCÈS).
RU-FR – Certificate of Secondary Complete General Education (Brevet de fin d’études secondaires completes).
UKR-EN STANDARDIZATION, QUALITY MANAGMENT, CERTIFICATION: – Proofreading and translation of national, international and harmonized standards (ISO, EN, ДСТУ ISO, ДСТУ EN) for metrological service of Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.
RU-EN – Guidance for occupational safety management system according to international standard ОHSAS 18000.
UKR-EN – Declaration on compliance to technical regulations (portative audio system Beats Electronics, LLC).
– Interpretation for German Christian volunteer Robert Shutz in Ukraine, Kiev city.
– Translation of subtitles for Christian TV program.
EN-RU TECHNICAL: – Guidances for beauty industry technologies of Rowenta company :
For women – Face and body depilators with pro precision system , anti-breakage system, silence system, Thermicon™ technology which uses heat to instantly remove and crystalize the hair; depilator Wet&Dry with Anti-heavy legs head
For men – The 3-in-1 Trimmer equipped with 2 heads for 3 different functions: Trim, Shave & Style
– Samsung gas cooktop user manual.
– Instruction to iron steam station.
FR-UK – Manuel for Qilive bluetooth speaker( Haut-parleur Bluetooth), microwave oven (Four micro-ondes)
– Manuel for Selecline speaker(enceinte sous form de chariot), tower fan(ventilateur colonne)
– Other products for Auchan.

EN-UKR – Australian Uglii Corporation’s Capital Equipment Taxonomy (about 20000 items, 100000 words). The subjects of the taxonomy included – Oil and Gas Refining, Mining Equipment, Clay Refining Equipment, Sand Refining Equipment, Mineral Ore Refining Equipment (filters, separators, conveyors, screens, thickeners, rolling mills etc.), Packaging Equipment, Railroad Equipment – Cars, Aircrafts and its components, Laboratory Equipment, Office Furniture, Recycling Equipment, Manufacturing Machinery, Various Valves, Bearings and Pumps for Industries etc.
UKR- EN -Steel structures construction code in Ukraine
EN-RU – Interpreting for delegation of experts of plan’s equipment adjustment Martin from France, Cyclop from Germany, Ukrainka city, Kiev region.
RU-FR – Рroject documentation for railway construction(Ligne ferroviaire a grande vitesse).
EN-RU MEDICINE: – Proofreading of guidance for defibrillator POWERHEART® G5.
– Translation of instruction for patient’s monitor
– Results of ultrasound investigations.
– Guidances for intraoperative surgical systems, guiding catheters

FR-RU – Medical reports, letters from doctors to patients.
– Instruction to different healthcare products.

EN-RU DIVERSE: – Golden telecom (2 months as operator of call-centre. Provision of information for foreigners about offers of mobile operator UMC (МТС), Kiev city. – Interpretation for florists’ exhibition in Grishko’s botanical garden, Kiev city.
– Translation of Marvel comics («Spiderman », «X-men» etc.).
– Article «The book of the century» about «Lord of the rings» of Tolkien.
– Article «The Cyber school » about contemporary technologies (OHPs, digital cameras, phones etc.) and their role in teaching at schools.
– Spin solitaire and Joker solitaire games for PC (for American developer and designer)
EN-UKR -Subtitles for video interview (Internal Audit Vimpel Com Group)

FR-RU – Leaflet for Parc Asterix in France.
– Translation of presentation for exhibition of kitchens in Milan.
FR-EN – Article «Fulgura invited to Geneva» dedicated to interview with Abdeslam Laraki. Fulgura is a Moroccan sportcar developed by Abdeslam Laraki on Labmorgini basis.
– Manual for Top Noodle machine TP-2;
– Translation of site for Jacaranda company specialized in carpets production;
– Translation of Biblio globus travel company site
– Translation for Wander USA web site;
– Translation for Сoswick web site;
– During the years of studying read the original texts of Dreiser «The financier», Harry Garrison “Stainless steel rat”, Joann Harris “Chocolate”, Sidney Sheldon “Rage of angels” etc.

I regularly work with comраnies from all over the world: France, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Spain etc. Have positive feedbacks and references.

Expert in standardization 2008-2014
Cooperation with metrological service of Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine. Dealing with job connected with:
– expertise of international, national standards and other standardized document in agriculture;
– proofreading of standards;
– translation during preparation of documents for biotechnological conference in Germany.

  • Kiev institute for the humanities. 2006 –2011
    Department of Romance and Germanic Philology. Speciality
    “English Language and Literature”, bachelor’s degree.

University of economics and law “KROK”. 2011– 2012
Specialty – «Quality, standardization, certification», master’s degree.

master’s degree.

I have practical experience of communication with foreigners (interpretation,

• Translation speed: 7-10 pages per day;

• During the years of studying in higher educational establishment I practiced English and
French teaching in 2 high schools of Kiev, worked as a tutor with people of different age;

• I have an incomplete higher education at the Kiev national linguistic university
(Specialty “French language and literature” );

• Experienced user of PC (ABBYY Lіngvo, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop) and other office equipment (fax, printer, copier, scanner);

• I work with CAT-tools such as SDL Trados 2011, Memsource, and MemoQ. I can work with any other CAT-tools as well.


My experience as a Russian Translator / Russian Interpreter

August 2014 – September 2016 Web Content Executive (Russian content) – Translating product information, static website content and marketing messages from English to Russian – Preparing files for website Content Management System (CMS) – Responsibility for the Russian content on the CRC website, including product information, static website content and marketing messages – Liaising with brands and suppliers to develop relationships and ensure that high quality content is sourced and used to fully develop the presentation of product and help increase sales Chain Reaction Cycles / 7 Kilbride Rd, Dough, Ballyclare, BT390EE Sporting Goods
February 2014 – August 2014 International Customer Service Advisor (Russian)
Curriculum vitae
Working within the English and International Customer Service team to deal with incoming email and phone queries and offering technical support regarding products. – Dealing mainly with incoming email and phone enquiries from designated customers in the most friendly and efficient way – Completing and processing customer orders/ enquiries, offering technical and general advice about the products we sell – Sharing the voice of the customer with various departments and people within Chain Reaction Cycles – Delivering a high level of customer satisfaction through adherence to quality scoring matrix – Learning about the sport of cycling and keeping up to date with product training and innovations etc – Completing translations for marketing and customer communication purposes – Resolving contacts from English speaking customers when required – Assisting customers with any issues with regards to their returns or their orders via emails or by phone – Communicating promptly any information to customers about their orders – Helping customers to register online and/or to process their orders – Dealing with complaints and escalation process where necessary – Handling difficult customers with professionalism – Liaising with Fulfilment department for any issues with customers orders – Liaising with shipping department over issues raised by customers with regard to either orders or returns – Assisting Finance Department with customers on security checks