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Our team of qualified Russian Conference Interpreters / Russian Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT. They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).

We booked a Russian Interpreter and a Slovak Interpreter for some of the delegates at a meeting we organised at Hotel 55 London. Both interpreters were professional and very helpful, thank you for all your support!

Tiberius, General Manager



family-67-u0441-u044du0444u0444u0435u043au0442u0430u043cu0438ANNA | Why Choose Me?

During 17 of working as a Russian translator and interpreter I developed various skills and a large experience in this field.

I have been working with various texts, from medical and financial to social studies and books for kids and I’ve always enjoyed it and did it on time and with great accuracy

About me

I’m an experienced Russian translator, interpreter and foreign language teacher. I started working at the age of 17 and since that have worked in many organisations and participated in various international projects as both translator and interpreter.

Working in these companies, I got a huge experience of translating legal documents, business correspondence, various texts on economy, banking, construction, did literary translation (3 books), etc. Worked as an Russian interpreter during negotiations, exhibitions, also did simultaneous translation.

At the same time, I worked as an English and Spanish teacher (medical English, basic courses of English and Spanish for adults and children).

In November 2011 I made a crucial change in my life – moved from Russia to Israel. For a year studied Hebrew intensively and started working as a freelance translator and language teacher.

Now I’m looking for new opportunities in my career. Would like to cooperate and answer any questions you have

The personal values and relations between people, mutual responsibility are at the first place for me. This always helps me while working with people from different countries and of various social backgrounds. It also helps me in text translation, for example, when I should find the best solution for some phrases which have some cultural background or when I should think how to divide a huge Russian sentence so that it could be readable for English or Spanish speak

My Education as Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

BA (Hons)I graduated from the Baltic University of Foreign Languages and International Relations in St. Petersburg, Russia, where I studied English and Spanish intensively and various subjects related to the translation and international relations, such as, Theory of Translation, Stylistics, History of the English Language, General Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, etc.
The topic of my diploma work was The semantic meaning of the word order in the English language. In 2004 I graduated from the University with the diploma of honors.
In 2003 and 2008 I studied Hebrew in Ulpan Halom language school and St. Petersburg. In 2011 I moved to Israel where studied Hebrew intensively for a year in Ulpan Gordon Language School in Tel-Aviv.
In 2006 I participated in a 5-day workshop for translators, organized by the ARI Research Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
In 2008 I took part in a 2-day meeting of Spanish translators, organized also by the ARI Research Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Now I’ve joined the translators community of www.translatorscafe.com and www.proz.com
From 2004 to 2015 I took part in various workshops organised by the ARI Research Institute whose main topic is intercultural and interpersonal relations all over the world

Services I offer as Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Russian Interpreting services: consecutive interpreting during conferences, exhibitions an negotiations. I’ve also worked as a Russian simultaneous interpreter during conferences, webinars and on-line classes.
Russian Translator and Editor: I provide Russian translation services in the fields of medicine, finance, marketing, tourism, banking, social and cultural studies and literature.

Russian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Finance, marketing, social and cultural studies
In 2011 I worked as an interpreter at the 3-days Euro-Asian conference Unity in Antalia, Turkey. The topic was intercultural relations in the modern world.
From 2009 to 2011 I simultaneously translated webinars and on-line lectures on personal development and psychology.
Medicine – translation of medical documents and research works from English into Russian, from Russian into English and from Hebrew into Russian.
Finance, banking, marketing – for many years I’ve translated various documents in this field from Spanish in Russian and from Russian into Spanish, many of them were related to the cooperation between the banks of Russia and Latin America.
Social and cultural studies, literature – translated many articles and 2 books which were published in israel and Latin America: El Libro del Zóhar y La Historia Universal de la Humanidad.
And a book for children Las Lentes Mágicas which hasn’t been published yet.
Can help with transcribing and subtitling, but don’t have much experience in it

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

This is just a small extract from the book La Historia Universal de la Humanidad which I translated

Entre los milenios VIII-VI AC, las tribus que dominaban la agricultura y la ganadería, comenzaron a poblar el Valle del Nilo y el Éufrates. Allí construyeron pequeños asentamientos, los cuales contaban con templo y también pequeños sistemas de depósitos de agua y canales. Este acontecimiento, insignificante a primera vista, tuvo consecuencias de largo alcance para toda la humanidad. Este fue un comienzo de otra gran “revolución”: la transición de la sociedad primitiva a la civilización, de una sociedad simple a una compleja, desde la “prehistoria” a la historia.

En el milenio IV AC, en el lugar de los asentamientos, surgieron las primeras ciudades-estado. Es difícil decir dónde ocurrió primero: en Mesopotamia o en Egipto. Las opiniones de los científicos sobre este tema son divergentes. Pero una cosa es innegable: es allí donde surgieron los centros más antiguos de la civilización en el mundo. Un tiempo después, aproximadamente en el III-II milenio AC, aproximadamente los mismos procesos ocurrían en el valle del Indo y la cuenca del río Amarillo y en el I milenio AC en América, donde se encuentran ahora México y Perú.

El nacimiento indepediente, la generación espontánea de la civilización tuvo lugar sólo en unos pocos lugares de la Tierra. Otras naciones llegaron a la línea que separa la sociedad primitiva de la civilización, pero no pudieron cruzarla y “se estancaron” en este punto crucial o retrocedieron. La mayoría entraró en la civilización debido a la influencia de sus vecinos: ya sea voluntariamente o por fuerza.

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

Has recently joined the professional community of www.proz.com

Reviews about my Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter services

I copy the text of the reference letter written by Gil Kedem, the Spanish department coordinator of the Bnei Baruch Association, for whom I’ve translated the 2 books from Russian into Spanish

To whom it may concern,

Please, consider this letter to be my strong recommendation for Anna Tzitayat. While collaborating with us during the last 7 years, she has translated 2 book from Russian into Spanish: The Book of Zohar and The Universal history of the humanity through the Wisdom of Kabbalah, and various texts for our websites.
Anna has always shown her genuine concern and commitment to her work. She has always been capable of finding a good translation solution for any complicated text. Her translation were completed in an exemplary manner.
I highly recommend Anna Tzitayat, and I’m sure she’ll many a positive contribution to your organization.

Gil Kedem
The Spanish department coordinator


ninaNINA | Why Choose Me?

I have excellent customer service skills. I always make sure the client gets the best and highest level of service from me. I always make sure all the fine details are ironed out and there are no misunderstandings on either party sides.

I have been working for many years as an Russian interpreter and a translator (approx. 6 years), I always to make sure I attend a meeting as brushed up on terminology as possible; always try to assist extensively, adapt very well to all environments.

About me

Even though I only work with three languages, I also fluently speak French and Italian, and basic German. I am very hard-working, adamant to always get the best for myself and my clients.

I believe delivering a bespoke service is always the best choice. After all everyone loves to feel special, quite often I advise people how to use an Russian interpreter (to make sure they get the best service).

Other brief facts about me: I LOVE travelling and cycling!

I believe if you pay for something, you should get it. I also believe its also important to go the extra mile and help people when they need it.
For instance, I have many clients who need help drafting up a quick letter to the council, calling up the doctors to schedule an appointment or a business manager who needs me to quickly arrange the next meeting with his PA or his colleague; all these little this that don’t seem like much but they go very far in the eyes of others.

My Education as Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

BA (Hons) Translation – Russian and Minor in French 2015, London Metropolitan University, qualified as Russian Conference Interpreter

MA (Msc) Marketing – in progress
Birkbeck University of London

I try to attend as many online webinars as I can and as many networking events with other translators/ interpreters. Unfortunately, my plate is too full with work at the moment to do any short courses for further expand on my translation skills (ie. subtitling)
Interpreter and Translator services

Services I offer as Russian Interpreter and Russian Conference Interpreter

Russian Interpreting services(Consecutive/ Simultaneous and Chuchotage)
Russian Court Interpreting services
Russian Translation services
Russian Proofreading services
PA services

Russian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Legal/ Medical/ Business
Legal/ Medical/ Business / Pharmaceutical/ Engineering
Marketing and occasionally do financial